Saturday, August 2, 2008

puppies!!!! v.2

1 hiding a the cute neh~

their mom.i think she wan to ask me " wat r u doing wih the black color thingys to my kids? "
isn't it adorable.omg~~
finally they move into the new home for is more than enough.later on, all big big jor,sure go out edy...dun wan sleep home le.
see sleep oso will smile..u say lah comfortable or not!
brather~come we hug hug sleep.

the onli time i able to capture those cute puppies photos are wen weekend.weekdays wen arrive home, all of them slept n it's so dark i will update weekly bout these cute little new life that born last week.

1st thing 1st..sure photos lah...

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heuif said...

wah so cute the baby puppy lol like a big worm



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