Monday, July 28, 2008

puppies!!!! v.1

newly born.
lunch time!!
so adorable~~
their new home
a.....pinky nose ( probably that will b his/her name in future? )
a quick nap in d afternoon

still d same words....cute~!

Sunday morning woke up heard som weird sound from outsite the yard.walk out the door mom said "the dog gave birth" "7 puppys! " i was like wat? let me take a look.grab my camera wanna shoot the cute puppys.den saw these bunch of puppy laying on ground.eye cant even open up,and keep chasing mom for milk."i wonder they use their nose to smell where the milk is?".take few shots from there...trying to touch those puppys bt,their mom seem not very happy wih it,so onli able to snap from same position,cover up by pandan leave.

Dad maked a house for them.collect few woods and dang! dang! dang! they got a new home in juz few hours.trying to help them all move in to new home,bt after awhile,their mom still dragging them to same place,and she went to the "house" alone.make a few turns,coming bak out.( mayb research abit bout there new home? ).cant even find a nice position to shot.wenever i get close to those puppys,she like not really better leave them now.find a right time n shot again.

Here is som photos that i able to take,will update more soon.

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