Sunday, August 3, 2008

A day out wih VV

1.erm.... 2.herm..... 3.huh? 4.yeah!!
sushi grove
vivian ( she called her self vv woh! )

This fellor,after bak from Uk soooo long oso kenot meet her.finally can grab n drag her out from her home.she had change still keep the cute cute n chubby style she used to hav.hahaha.she change her hair style,so called a mysterious + girly + looks slimmer hair style.
bt walao e....RM 60 leh....for 1 hair style.summore kenot last for long 1.( coz my hair grew quite fast,so i dun think is worth it to spend so much $$$ on hair. )

we had a nice lunch + nice yam cha + nice chat + nice shopping.were so excited meeting her bak.i think bout 1 year edy didnt see this fellor.she is a happy going person,so wenever wih her sure happy need think so much,juz need use ur brain how to make fun of her.thats it.LOLZ...

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Aster said...

"erm.... 2.herm..... 3.huh? 4.yeah!!" ??? hahaha~ funny la u... i cant stop my laughter when i saw that... lolz~~~~~~~~ what is "5."??



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