Sunday, August 10, 2008

another feeling

quite awhile i nv had this kind of feeling again.stil d same thing attract me.attitude!a kid tat in growing process.she used 2 b my best friend.we chat alot bout quite awhile i didnt meet her since she left.

She loves smiles.n i enjoy looking her smile.its a beauty wih a little bit of cuteness,inoccent scene.i do not call this love or like.tis is som kind of nature feeling tat appear out from no where.

Actually i dun even dare 2 ask more than friendship.current status i m very comfortable wih it.i cant afford 2 lose tis best friend.som1 told me,its actually a either u stay in current comfort zone,or u gamble it.which wil end up wih 2 option,u lose a best friend or u gain a wife!

If u r looking at tis post,i do not mean anyting such as making any decision or respond to me.tis post is juz a few words tat fom my heard.

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