Saturday, May 1, 2010

Labour eve

Friday nite - Labour day eve.
leaving from office at 6.30.drove all the way to go back klang used 2 hours.really hate the blardy jam.arrive home,only my bro at home waiting for me to fetch him for dinner.few minutes after i get change,dad they all came back from dinner.and i surpose to fetch them to station to catch their bus going to vocation.
had a really yucky dinner at mamak.send bro to his friend house, and back mood to proceed with any of the works.remain digging some old movie to watch.still moodless.get myself some new games on ipod touch,look at them.bored.had a 30 minutes skype with my darling,and yes her voice really comfortable and relax.i m sleepy.

what a silent night. comfortable night.slow night.relax night.a sleepy night.good night.



MR Kevin Tai

MR Kevin Tai

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