Saturday, August 9, 2008


after lunch today,juz dun feel well.though was juz sleepy mode.mana tau around 2.30pm.suddenly btween chest n tummy were so pain,omost can even afford it.den ask around see wether got solution mah.thanx to my colleague told me drink hot milo will helps.i fast fast run down to mamak den da bao 1.after drink feel alot more better.and continue to thats already omost 5pm jor.sad.this is the 1st time i experience gastric,were so scary.i think probably is bcoz i didnt take dinner b4 i go gym for the last 2 month.really need to take good care start this minutes. for those who r reading this post, plz take good care ur self, dun juz say it out den TADAK action!

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