Friday, August 29, 2008

the meaning bhide u ask for

i oso dun understand wat kind or energy drag me to the place & q for 20 minutes just for a bowl of readbean thong sui.probably u? to be honest's u.going to the place buying food and sitting down for 1-2 hours...all these not bcoz i love thong shui n the food the chance of meeting u.

i nv stair at those food actually,whenever i heard car pass by,juz hope ur car will pass by and so far...onli once and u actually drove away.....

somtimes i start it right i hav this kind of feeling into u.u dun really into love no need to say relationship....i my self like so stupid...i knew all these and still dun give up....even thor i been suffer for few times....and abit of sugar u feed me...i m bak!

really...i seriously need an answer from u.....wat kind of relationship u expect to happend btween us?i really need a word from ur heart.mayb i edy knew it....juz hope there is a miracle happend b4 u tell me from ur month.

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