Sunday, August 10, 2008


i came across wen som1 told me this "onli 1 month, u called it LOVE?","now onli i realise,guy oso need to be care","wow!,in kl still got guy that is so serious to love?".i admit that i m a weak person in love.once i set she is my target,i will use all my heart on her.(that y wen broke up,i will be a salted fish,no thinking, n live in shadow.coz heart broken into thousand pieces,need times to form it bak).omost all my friend tot i m a player ( u seen short + not leng zai + poor de player b4 meh?this proof of coz i m not player lah ).i do not like to maintain a relationship wih $.meaning is,always buying stuff for her,go out dinner all the time, or anything that juz related to $.is like onli can spend time in a shopping mall or restaurant wen date.instead going out dinner,y dun try to maked it your own?it will added alot more ingredient into ur relationship.going out for picnic or doing some outdoor activities is better than staying in shopping mall right?it will not juz help both of u discover ur partner the other side,it also added in alot more funsssss.

not juz gals like to be pamper by guy.i believe a little pamper n caring for guy somtimes r needed.( a must in my relationship! )if onli guy that pamper his gf all the time,is like 1 side love.wen a guy slow down the tempo,she will be like..." come u r so cold to me?"(duh,i been entertain u all the time,wen i rest,u said i m cold to u.)robot oso need to be recharge lah.need rest mah.i noe gals like to be pamper n to be all the time oso doing the same thing,u dun sienz,ur bf oso will tired lah.

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