Thursday, August 7, 2008


Body type : standard
gender : male
age : 24
height : 166cm
weight 70.9kgs ( WAH! was 72.9 )
BMI : 25.7
BMR : 6577
1572 kcal

fat% :21.2% ( dun remember edy! Y_Y )
fat mass :15.0 ( was 20.2 )
ffm :55.9kg
tbw :40.9kg

this is my 9th week result from FF.weight total lose around 4kgs,fats lose quite alot oso. now mostly i spend around 2-3 hours in FF after work.that would be around 10-15 hours a week in FF.the flow everytime i go,20 minutes cardio, follow by far i love body combat,body jam,body attk and line dance funk.after finish the class that would be pumping muscle time! normally around 45-1 hour.each machine for diffrent parts of muscle i would do 2 set each.1 set is 15 times.somtimes feel muscle pain den that day i juz skip that machine n do far..loving few,like chest + arms + abs + shoulder.i seldom do legs machine bcoz after class that would be killing my leg muscles.

i saw som dudes in FF had a great body.admire at them.they would be my i saw som oso over do like arm damn huge.( looks like crab.coz arm too huge edy. )i recommend those r lazy ass,move ur fat ass! go gym! if cant afford den go exercise at least 3 times a now, move ! move! move! still sitting?! MOVE LAH!

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