Saturday, February 28, 2009

super week

monday - were super bz wih work till kenot breath!bt still can meet up wih good friends in gym.n learn a new "hang in d air" technic.quite fun

tuesday - was preparing to war in d office for MAS online bannersssssssssss,n i receive msg from my bro said our dog had been crash by a car n it's dead!the next minute u started the fight n ended it quite fast.great!continue working wih a super moodless stuff.n were FIGHT for my gym to to release stress.i m sorry steven n baushya.i dun mean it to use such a loud n rude manner,bt i was sooooo stress.again........sry!were train soooooo hard in gym to release all the stress i hav

wednesday - dun give a shit to u,bt still continue rushing my MAS banner n keep do minor changing n redo n redo n still miss u.

thursday - finally war arrive.was create more than 30 banner in a day.thats count initial n panel seperately.those who dunno how banner is operated might nt understand,those who noes....lolz...u try create 30 banners in aday n choice! continue working till 11.30.facing pc over 12 hours.n looking at the stupid MAS red color till it hurt my eye.till i hardly to open my eye after arrive home.arrived home juz realise that my room eleectric cabel was biten by white ant.kenot use pc! lagi frustrated.cant even work after i was promise som1.oh ya 4get to mention about the email i receive from you.

to be honest,i tried to calm myself down,bt it's really unacceptable to me,so i listed u under my mask.let me explain abit about this mask stuff.gemini is good at wearing "mask" to cover on the real of them.they can treat diffrent ppl wih the fake faces by juz changing the mask.those who see the real face of gemini r congratulation!!!!! now u r 1 of them.welcome to the list.
like i said,no hard feeling,no negative involve,return to nature.this hurt abit bt rather it hurt u long time.

friday - continue create the ultimate alot banners wih the help of steven.he save my ass man!if he didnt help me,i would probably die straigh!so combine his power,finally finish banners for
local market,sg,indonesia,thailand,vietname,philippines,sweden,german,UK,australia n french.
that more than 100 banners loh .super alot!still not feeling well after yday work.probably over tired still go home do work until my eye lid close down.thats around 3am.really kenot tahan jor,very tired.den go to bed straigh.fall in sleep without notice.

sat - now sitting here n typing loh...wat else wor.

conclusion for the whole week,sad,rush,frustrated,happy,I M SINGLE AGAIN!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

joke at night

if u r as bad mood as me,take look at those jokes,make urself happier.dun waste ur time wih those bad mood around u.




食。 (真是謝謝你的數學教學)


6.我最喜歡吃那種在外面跑的雞肉 (所以你要吃雞肉前都要追著他跑?)











So feel better now?forget wat's not happy n go on urlife now k?smile :)


from last friday were inform it's gona b a very bz day 2day,so edy prepare all my energy for it,once arrive office den keep on working non-stop.untill my bro inform me that our dog were crash by an unknow fucker n juz drive away after that.were in quite a sad mood after that.

"fuck you too" is your 1st sentence of message sending me.i was in quite a bad mood n u kick off our conversation wih that way,sry! i cant take it!n u ask me to walk away if i kenot take it.nth less,u keep continue wih ur plan n make me pissed off n finally u ended our relationship juz like that.a hard FULLSTOP juz knock my head wih no reason.u told me,i will nv know wat n y causes all these,i believe,as long as if i walk out from urlife will make u fee better,i would happy to do so.

U should take the responsible wih wat had u done & say.u wont tell y,i wont ask y.bcoz that's u & me.It's how u behave, n how i react.

Monday, February 23, 2009

unknown headshot

u shot me from an unknow places,
n u started the war,
i end up dying from a headshot from u,
n u would nv tell me the reason of it?
y is it like that?
you could juz tell me if u dun think i m ur war mate,
dun juz give me a shot a walk away.
it's hurt

Sunday, February 22, 2009


More u get,
More u will demanding,

More u wish for,
More it will disappoint u,

More u give,
More u will get in return

More u ask for,
More chances to realise it,

More u hope for,
More u miss it

More u miss it,
More tiring u will get to

More tiring u get to,
More moody u will get

More moody u r,
More weird action there will b

More & more r coming,
how many more u able to face it?

Thursday, February 19, 2009


that is wat i going to tell myself whenever i m moodless.( btw,those are for display purpose onli. )

last but not least

we both bz

i know we both had been bz wih own stuff recently....i spend time wih my friends,gym n som stress release stuff such as movies n little chit chat wih friends,u were bz rushing ur freelance work,ur school work n ur part time job there.we seldom got time talk to each other.wenever i call u,i hope u would b soften ur voice,sweeten ur i guess still u r u.never expect much more than that.

i understand u r not girly type of somtime,somhow n somway,i juz still need more rooms to put in ur "close friend type" of treatment.i started to learn...slowly.

juz watched benjamin button wih carmein,was a great movie.really!i love the part wen they meet again after 30 years.n they do things that they like in the way the love.they bought a new home,decorate themself slowly,add in more furniture wen they feel like it,put bed in living hall,dinner,playtime,talktime,sex,watch tv..all on the bed.i actually kinda envy the way the had in d still bak to realife,i dun even hav a partner like dat.i mean everything start of wih a great partner,n work hard together, n do it together.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Family day

2day r my youngest brother we did nth till dinner time.we went outto port klang had the super nice balitong !!!!! ( too bad i didnt snap photos! ) n not forget the nice indo fried mee n the ultimete thai friend for sure the balitong still d best in town...i must admit that.i eat till i tummy r lips oso bcome double hotdog......i still cant stop eating it!!!damn nice man!bt i was bday cake for my bro meh....out of sis called n asked did any of us bought cake edy.....sure ask her buy lah!!!

den head home after that...had a quick "nami" game wih sis+her bf + dad.was fun!!!! n den...start makan cake session loh....the fruit cake...still that still cant beat the 1 desmond ( my coliq ) bought for our UK coliq wen he hav to get thru his bf in msia...that,still d time we go there ya.( eventhor i dunno the exact location yet... :P )

continue palying "nami" after that...wah...was so fun to paly game like can actually help me to get closer to my family....especially my dad.let's hav more games in future!

Saturday, February 14, 2009



Friday, February 13, 2009

after cny

after cny onli been gym for twice !!!! fucking twice onli!!!! bz wih work....of coz...den meeting up wih i can even feel my tummy r getting bigger n bigger.stuff too much wih food!!!

recently oso SOT jor...ate like wat i normally ate x2 !!wat the fuck wei..!!! bt thanx to som1 remind me about my ultimate goal! she woke me up...hou choi!!!!now hav to get bak into track.get bak to my training n my normal diet.

really not that fucking good man recently..u see a
10 hours working 9-7
3 hours in gym 7-10
3 hours in front pc at home 11-2
2 hours driving
6 hour sleep

tired loh!!!! i noe we all r working juz let me bla bla bla abit lah!!!!

summore recently she is like not in good mood.alot pressure on her.alot pressure she gave herself,alot pressure she need to take it.i can onli acc her here!that all i can do...calm her down,make her fall into my comfort zone,make her relax her mind so that she can get more space to work on wat she handling now.

to be honest, i m not good at all in "tam" i guess u can feel it,if i m if i really hate u,no need use ur eye see oso can feel the "qi" from my mind to tell u that "FUCK OFF!I DUN LIKE U!" bt so far...nt much ppl yet.make me till that angry.

valentine coming soon.....m i alone?or m i single? tak tau my heart is owned! who? of coz HER lah....duh !!!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

LOLZ...good luck man

i were guessing since the day i left the game,
i really think that the red dot was ur aim,
now i realise n think u really hitting the red dot,
as i knew u r that kind of person,
plz correct me if i m wrong.
all the best for hitting the dot,plz dun cry i warn u so!

tiring saturday - makan makan

the leng lui photo's

after tiring paintball game.didnt bath juz get few tissue paper to clean my self n change cloth...den.....gone out wih 2 leng lui..( er....i juz call them leng lui to make them happy! ) to damansara village steamboat.had super nice steamboat n nice satay aswell.heading to fullhouse after that to yam cha.n snap few photo to keep those auntie's beauty face so that they can review how beauty they r after few years later BUAHAHAHAHAHA.....( evil laugh! )oppps...sry..i 4got how to pamper u the whole month....

more photo view from here

tiring saturday - paintball game

blardy hell,saturday still hav to wake up at 8am n get prepare to hav fun at wargame in sg.buloh .arrive there around 10++ wait for others to set up and get our armor n weapon.let's get started!seriously..if u r 1st timer,u would really afraid wen u heard the sound they r doing test shooting juz beside the command center.

house marker which is the rental weapon,it shoot like duff..,duff...,duff..,duff....!those who modified..they shoot like duf,duf,duf,duf,duf,duf,duf,duf,duf,duf,duf,duf,duf,duf,duf,duf, imagine how u wont b hit if they r aiming we didnt know that until the 1st game started.basiclly u juz hide n shoot.pretty far u can shoot actually.1st game..hide bhide the tree...n shoot.out from no where OUCH!!!!FUCK!!! THAT'S HURT!i been shot right on my knee.i m out.that's pain!

we keep continue play wih those pro for 3 games.the last game was fun..coz it's defender game.summore the commander sended me to dead.he sended to stay at the 1st hide place where i should actually stay quite n sneak after those enemy knew i m there is like fucking 10-20 fellors n shooting at me.even i took my gun up( mean surrender ) they still shoot at my gun.i hav to stick myself to the ground to minimise the chances to get shot..meanwhile call those incharge to take me out.this time i gotten headshot!shoulder n leg! serious pain!

game is on until omost 4.30 n we really hav to call it a day...coz we all really tired like shit.

for more photos...view from here




Thursday, February 5, 2009



Tuesday, February 3, 2009


accidently saw alot of fireworks were around my house..quicky took my canon 450D n go snap snap snap!

Monday, February 2, 2009



Sunday, February 1, 2009

juz realise

were review bak all ur post in d blog.realise i missed few post wen u juz bak i noe how u really feel that passed ler.wat's important is now right?ganbateh loh....POSITIVE A!!!! dun keep on went to bukan bukan side.u remember wat u said b4?1 year...1 year...very fast geh.....very fast geh right?



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MR Kevin Tai

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