Thursday, July 23, 2009

12 hour

sleep for 12 houes nonstop.didnt even wake up to pees or anything.juz send 2 sms n receive a call in blur mode,thats all.gosh....
woke up this morning...found that myself was in super dizzy mode.cant even made it to work,so wat can i do?take EL n sleep lah.....finally now feel better abit after waking up for 12 hours sleep.


i hate wen u made all those annoying sound.while ppl solve ur problem...cant u like say thanx u instead of making those super uncomfortable sound?seriously...i dun like they way u r acting now...mayb u didnt really notice it, bt u r a grown up adult,u should understand it.

btw, i really think u need som time to think how to mix around wih other ppl nicely.

P/s - try to think for others aswell b4 u say anything

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


i hate wen som1 try to b kajibolak...for those who duno wat is this mean,it's actually mean buat pandai in hakka i think.(hahaha~)wen ppl giving u advice...listen 1st without cut it off half way.dun try to pretend smart wen u r not.being hamble aren't good meh?always wanted to act end up shit.....u noe who u r....i guess som of my friend oso knew who is that.we r being very patient treating u...plz do not test my patient.....i cant really imagine wen it explode!!!trust me......thats gona hurt u very much in d heart..

Thursday, July 16, 2009


after a whole day working n went out movie wih dear.i tot i could hold it till the end of d movie bt i guess i wasnt that good at pretending i m still energetic.had to sleep for 10-20 minutes when bumper bee r fighting.( the most chi kek sence summore!!! ).bt still manage to drove bak home after took few of the sweet plum dear left in my car.( thanx u dear~ )n i think i should call it aday for now...i m super tired...cant even look at the screen properly anymore...good nite every1....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday night

for quite a long time,i didnt had this feeling.WAT A FUCKING BORING N MOODLESS NIGHT!!!!!i dun feel like doing anything.i was surpose to gao dim my 1x1tee tag i m still sitting here n writing this boring post.

if really come n think of it...i had plenty of works to do....see a..i cincai name it
-1x1tee tag design
-my personal website
-dad website
-pui yee photos ( sorry pui yee~ )
-cleaning my closet
-clean my room
-clean my pc
-organise my messy files
-take photo of new tee design
-promote my tee
-miss my gf ( this 1 doing it all the time )

SEE!!! i onli used 2 minutes to wrote the list....even that much....really fuck me plz....let me keep going to finish all my work b4 i died of too many works to handle.


we all to b train bcome super?work n think faster.move faster see faster.all oso faster...mistake oso faster??!!..haiz....common mistake oso will make!
from 1 week into few days, from few days into 1 day..from 1 into 3 hours.....die i appriciate the chances gave.not to say somtimes double or more n more repeating mistake causes u keep doing somthing mght end up...frustrated aswell.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009








Friday, July 3, 2009

Kepo ppl.....

Stuck from shah alam highway all the way till damansara juz bcoz of 1 accident...who causes all these ma all those super BZ BODY KEPO PPL ler~slow down their car juz to see wat happend n kepo around!WTF....n wasted alot ppl time bcoz of that.n den after i bla bla bla infront of my gf.....wah...comfortable~lolz......dear...thanx u~



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