Tuesday, August 5, 2008


went to poppy last weekend.having alot of funsssssssss.dances + drinks + crazys. we went in quite late.around 12 onli we able to get in.so once we get in, i terus drink 4 cups bacardi lemon.wanna make my self high faster.herm...30 minutes had passed.still dun hav da feeling!i were wish for..omg....feeling fast fast come...eh......wat the fxxx.suddely feel my feed so light n my even i can't feel my self edy.OMG! thats the moment i got crazy.keep dancing until i m sooooo tired n sweating.

there is this dude were sitting beside out table,keep aiming for chicks.he juz simply choose.den all my friends was like...duh...look at ur self 1st lah..b4 u kao lui.den all gals trying to avoid him.so hav to help all those gals to get him off loh.i telling him a nice way,so that can avoid fighting ( well u noe...wen u get drunk,u juz do wat ever u feel like doing it,dun even give a shit bout it.) quite ok lah him...he see those gals dun wan choi him...den he oso get bored.

wah!! som of my friends got market in club..alot guys were sticking wih them.asking contact...fuyoh...geng loh.i myself..to be honest,i onli remember parts of it.coz i were so dizzy n drunk for a moment..hahahaha..( stupid bacardi lemon! summore onli 34%. ) bt were enjoy the moment in there.friend been told me i m so crazy + funny + notty in there.i was like omg! that is so not me. we i was still clean in my mind, stilla ble to capture som of the photos...hehe...


engeng said...

whr m i???whr m i??whr m i???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

d Kevin b said...

haiz...eng...sienz lah u...dun mention u edy..bt that night is damn freaky fun neh.

Kelv said...

Dang, I miss that.

d Kevin b said...

dude u surely missed it man.we try to arrange it again.



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