Saturday, October 25, 2008

Latest update from FITNESS FIRST friday is the day where i normall will go check my current health status.
ok here is the status

Body type : standard
gender : male
age : 24
height : 166cm
weight 68kgs ( was 69.4 )
BMI : 24.7 ( was 25.2 )
BMR : 6460 ( was 6514 )
1572 kcal ( was 1544 )

fat% :20.2% ( was 20.5 )
fat mass :13.8 ( was 14.2 )
ffm :54.3kg ( was 55.2 )
tbw :39.8kg ( was 40.4 )

this is the comparison since 2 weeks ago..i found slow down my weight decreasing edy.cant really manage to slim 1 kg every week.will good enough 2 weeks for 1.5 kgs.will push till 65kgs den stop weight decreasing program and start my muscle building.might get on hand som proteins if my wallet affordable.really wanna get on shape b4 christmass.nth special bout it,juz set a target for my self so that i can work hard on it.

i dont like hang in d middle of no where.wat's keep me goign to gym?is the fats in d belly,chest and arms.working so hard for som1?i dun think so.and dun think she wan it aswell.healthy and fit still my 1st concern.( got leng lui in gym oso leh. )

like wat ken said.the body jam instructor "i wan u all step in my class,dun care how u dance how u move,i juz wan u all to relax urself and DANCE !!!!!"really,body jam make me move alot and i really enjoy those moment in class.aswell as body combat,somtimes work too hard will actually see a wetty floor on where i stand.SYIOK!

bout free weight...slowly learn how to build up muscle.practise the right position 1st b4 proceed to next stage.slow~ bt is better than hurt ur self.

anyway...really wanna give my self a big applause for getting this result.

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