Monday, October 13, 2008

finally it hurts more..

lunch....ate a fried mee hoon wih "special ingredient" in it FRIED FLIES !!!damn it!!! until now my perut still dun feel well wih it.(summore still hav to pay and he onli say "sry a,change 1 for u.")diao!!! very super not shong!!!

bt nvm,i tot goign to gym keep sweating will throw all these out,mana tau zzzz it onli make my cant contimue the class halfway,feel like wanna vomit.nvm!!! i go try weight loh...zzzzz..ter injury my legs geh muscle.walao...pain dou me a..sit kenot stand lagi thanx god.. still able to drive bak home.

feel better now...for muscle part bt perut still feel like shit! fxxx argh!!!!!!!!!! i swear to god! i will nv go bak that restaurant eat again....NEVER AGAIN!!!


海洋天使 said...

take good care ya...
u aaa.. over "FITNESS" la~~~ heeemm...

d Kevin b said...

mou lah...keen to making my body looks better mah...hav to push it abit further up ler



MR Kevin Tai

MR Kevin Tai

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