Sunday, October 19, 2008

branded3 outing - sunway

ok....i noe more FATS right?bt

loving foldover~


i m much SIN (fat) in this seronok nyer~

art work from creative department...LOLZ

mee yang kester tak habis...haiz..wasting food

betahan u 2 so ying gan~

Overall is a nice outing wih all colig n friends.skating den movie den steamboat.btw DUN NOT WATCH DISASTER self would rate 1/10! it actually maked me sleep in cinema.mayb i m too old for those "jokes".bt i found few chicks in that movie aswell..lolz...dun not know y,after the outing....wen arrive home,so so tired and i fell into sleep wih my mobile msn on aroudn 10pm.


SueAnn said...

Dun worry, Hatim fell asleep too =) Who is the one who wanted to watch that??

d Kevin b said...

nolah..i juz telling those who thinking to watch mah...any1 that visited my blog ler..



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MR Kevin Tai

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