Sunday, October 12, 2008

A day out

quite somtime didnt really go out wih family or any outing wih them.2day,i decided to stay home n acc them all my day.maked vege "pao" in d afternoon and were out for dinner quite early.(since we hav no lunch!)

heading to port klang having seafood dinner and mom friends r the chief there so, we had a special dinner n quite cheap! (2 thai friend rice + 1 friend noodle + 1 balitong + 1 special tofu onli rm 48! wah!!! super duper cheap a.)

around us
now onli realise alot of ppl around me, are over weight.i saw a kid wih big tummy .his dad oso wih big tummy.think is like 5-6 month pregnant women that big.a young adult wih tummy like wat i used to hav,unclessss wih tummy,too much like omost every 1 wih this big tummy issue around and they didnt really take it serious.juz let it like that.result?diabeties lah,heart got problem lah,n bla bla bla..die PLZ DO GO MOVE UR LAZY ASS.IF U CANT AFFORD GYM,GO JOG AROUND UR HOUSE.

*ps : gym is FUN!!

pasar malam
on my way back from pasar malam,i saw this kid r holding a cup n "pak"! he threw a way they cup he holding on the road.n that is all about our next generation.parents "lay" bunch of kids and didnt really teach them in d proper way,(som parents dun even noe wat the proper way to teach!)and our next generation will b like warming,polution...lolz...enjoy ur future

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