Thursday, December 11, 2008


U all must b wondering wat happend to me didnt even update for few days.m i too bz?YES,i m bz fighting to gain my health's the story of wat happend in the last 5 days.

after a tiring clubbing night since thursday and working on friday,i decided to treat myself better wih sleep more than 12 basiclly,i slept the whole day.

pc infected by virus,cant event fix it,hav to reformat.after tired of waiting,i slept again the day.omost half of d day.and surprice me,i gotten a new nick name from wat i did on sunday might night.

forehead were cover up wih heat,wen i woke up.i can feel nth bt heat.FEVER is the onli word in my mind.struggle myself wih it.the time were slow very slow.everytime i open my eye,time is freeze.nv move.been trying alot ways to get rip of the heats other than visit doctor.( tot,it would recover soon. )

after a night rest,morning was better,atleast i can walk around.helping mom preparing b4 she went out to work.(i took leave on that day)wen afternoon came,WAH..disaster...i m suffering from d heats again...this time worst.i dunno y....i can feel the heat,bt i m cold...very cold..i hav to cover up myself wih a blanket and sleep on d floor,bcoz floor doenst absorb heat.been laying down on floor for few hours,finally cant take it anymore,i call my mom bak from work.fetch me to clinic.

med gave by doc gave big helps to me,everytime i took med,i will swt.and i getting better n better.i tot,finally..i m recover.

after work,went to bought present n gym.wanna get swt and fully recover soon.b4 leaving gym,were very hungry,so asked friends went to had dinner.middle of dinner,i can feel the heats coming bak again.i tot r juz the hot tea making me feel hot.

on my way driving home,i were so dizzy and heatty again.i juz hope to get home soon and hav my med again.wen i arrive home,i onli reliase i 4got to bring over those med in d office wen i left office.i quickly go to mybed and cover up myself wih blanket,hopefully this wil get thru it after the i cound't sleep at all.asked my mom bring me over to clinic,bt she show me med,asked me took it and sleep.after i took d med,rolling left n right,up and down,bt still suffering wih d heats.

d heats r making my bones pain.i dun feel energy wih me,cant even stand head r cracking,keep on coughing.this last for omost 4 hours,finally it cooldown at around 4am.

i woke up,walk around at home in mid night like gorang gila.drink alot of warm water and thanx god,it getting better,and finally i can sleep.wen i try to get som sleep,i wonder,in d pass 4 hours,wat did i do?sleep?awake?i dunno.still,i cant sleep after that.

went to seen doc again.had another set of med.quite sleepy after consume the med.well.another resting day.peacefully.


engeng said...

woi~~~y u seem likes always sick geh???take care of urself o!!!

d Kevin b said...

i oso dunno y out too much edy i think...haiz...too slim dee..kenot keep on slim lioa...



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