Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New year EVE

new year eve and i stuck in d office.dun feel like going anywhere.kelv they all went to the curve celebrate,bt my muscle r in dun plan to drop by there.was thinking year.....wat do we get to celebrate it?and will it b a happy moment wen celebrate it?

i realise,after i came out from study life,i change alot.from fat till som1 said i too slim...(swt!!),from a kiddo till a mature men...ok ok...abit more mature than b4 lah!!!! from a guy dun take care how i looks like till now i do care how is my outlook.i tried alot...n sacrified alot!

basiclly wat do i gain in 08 was working exp in atquest and branded3,lost omost 20 kgs,and gain an experience bout wat love is.i always hope to get a gf.and the purpose?som1 to share n care...i m not young anymore....i dun like puppy love,or those ppl treat love like a toy.....i FUCKING HATE that.wen u need u accept..wen u dun...u throw away...n dun even think bout it.soome love r juz in the totally wrong timing,both can feel it and admit it bt, distance, change the distroy everything in btween last solution?good friend wih feeling ?i guess.

friend still friend....we all hav to move forward...i m pushing myself to move everyday, so do u i hope.lets show me ur bf in future.

ok i m SINGLE n AVAILABLE again......should go out hunting again har....XD

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