Thursday, December 25, 2008

Family day xmass

since there is no companion from lover (like i hav gf),so spend time wih family jer lah.
went out shopping,ngam ngam saw this sales from body glove.wah! whopwide 50% wor...manage to grab 1 tee wih rm 34.5.damn worth it.leng oso.suit my new skinny jeans.HOHOHO~.

den b4 went home,saw this thai fair.manage to had their mango rice,tom yam,the rojak,the ice kacang and popiah.i tell u hor....the tom yam....really unbeatable...RM5 for big tasty as those u get in restaurant....i didnt even left a single drop in the bowl.the mango rice pulak...wah!!! taste sooooooooooo good......rojak oso....they put in som ikan bilis in it.summore the ikan bilis,i think after they fried it,they goreng again wih that it taste like wih abit of sweetness.

y no photos u ask?oloh...if i take photo,scare u all later kenot tahan lah...(padahal,i 4got to bring my camera out lah...LOLZ...)

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