Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New plan

been approach by a instructor called "Don" in gym 2day.she told me alot about PT- personal trainer.n she show me few of the ways to train abs.seriously..i can really feel my abs!!!bt the main problem is....i think it will cost more than 1.5k.for 1.5 month, 1 week 3 times, each time 30 minutes.
if i can afford that...i will definatly go for that...wont even think bout it....it is life time knowledge ler.
bt now....hard lah....even thor...i really wan to......

any1 wan to sponsor me?

btw,got my self a new plan after heard from the instructor.
mon - class + hardcore workout
tues - class + let muscle rest
wed - class + hardcore work out
thur - light work out.
fri - class + hardcore workout.
sat -class + light workout.
sun - see mood...XD

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