Saturday, December 6, 2008

software n hardware r seperated

my n81,SE w800i and n clock r continuous keep on ringing n telling me TIME TO wake up.i drag myself out from bed and drive to office start another day.neck were seriously injure and leg muscle aswell.probably r from the night i pretend crazy in euphoria.were sleepy+tired till max+soul edy teleport to Uk,i drag myself to finish the work and went to GYM after.gain abit of energy after GYM,and went out to do som surprice for her.and the onli email i gotten reply from her r "i HATE you".... :P...well..dai sei geh....doing somting which make her feel coming bak here.

conclusion for the whole day r... body n soul seperated into 4 parts.
body part1 --in office
body part2 --on my bed

soul part1 -- edy in bristol,moving to wolverhampton soon
soul part2 -- in my working place

so basiclly,i onli bringing half of myself went out yday. :P

ps : i m freaky tired lah,sry lah timmy....cant accompany u to the wedding.

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