Saturday, February 28, 2009

super week

monday - were super bz wih work till kenot breath!bt still can meet up wih good friends in gym.n learn a new "hang in d air" technic.quite fun

tuesday - was preparing to war in d office for MAS online bannersssssssssss,n i receive msg from my bro said our dog had been crash by a car n it's dead!the next minute u started the fight n ended it quite fast.great!continue working wih a super moodless stuff.n were FIGHT for my gym to to release stress.i m sorry steven n baushya.i dun mean it to use such a loud n rude manner,bt i was sooooo stress.again........sry!were train soooooo hard in gym to release all the stress i hav

wednesday - dun give a shit to u,bt still continue rushing my MAS banner n keep do minor changing n redo n redo n still miss u.

thursday - finally war arrive.was create more than 30 banner in a day.thats count initial n panel seperately.those who dunno how banner is operated might nt understand,those who noes....lolz...u try create 30 banners in aday n choice! continue working till 11.30.facing pc over 12 hours.n looking at the stupid MAS red color till it hurt my eye.till i hardly to open my eye after arrive home.arrived home juz realise that my room eleectric cabel was biten by white ant.kenot use pc! lagi frustrated.cant even work after i was promise som1.oh ya 4get to mention about the email i receive from you.

to be honest,i tried to calm myself down,bt it's really unacceptable to me,so i listed u under my mask.let me explain abit about this mask stuff.gemini is good at wearing "mask" to cover on the real of them.they can treat diffrent ppl wih the fake faces by juz changing the mask.those who see the real face of gemini r congratulation!!!!! now u r 1 of them.welcome to the list.
like i said,no hard feeling,no negative involve,return to nature.this hurt abit bt rather it hurt u long time.

friday - continue create the ultimate alot banners wih the help of steven.he save my ass man!if he didnt help me,i would probably die straigh!so combine his power,finally finish banners for
local market,sg,indonesia,thailand,vietname,philippines,sweden,german,UK,australia n french.
that more than 100 banners loh .super alot!still not feeling well after yday work.probably over tired still go home do work until my eye lid close down.thats around 3am.really kenot tahan jor,very tired.den go to bed straigh.fall in sleep without notice.

sat - now sitting here n typing loh...wat else wor.

conclusion for the whole week,sad,rush,frustrated,happy,I M SINGLE AGAIN!

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