Friday, February 13, 2009

after cny

after cny onli been gym for twice !!!! fucking twice onli!!!! bz wih work....of coz...den meeting up wih i can even feel my tummy r getting bigger n bigger.stuff too much wih food!!!

recently oso SOT jor...ate like wat i normally ate x2 !!wat the fuck wei..!!! bt thanx to som1 remind me about my ultimate goal! she woke me up...hou choi!!!!now hav to get bak into track.get bak to my training n my normal diet.

really not that fucking good man recently..u see a
10 hours working 9-7
3 hours in gym 7-10
3 hours in front pc at home 11-2
2 hours driving
6 hour sleep

tired loh!!!! i noe we all r working juz let me bla bla bla abit lah!!!!

summore recently she is like not in good mood.alot pressure on her.alot pressure she gave herself,alot pressure she need to take it.i can onli acc her here!that all i can do...calm her down,make her fall into my comfort zone,make her relax her mind so that she can get more space to work on wat she handling now.

to be honest, i m not good at all in "tam" i guess u can feel it,if i m if i really hate u,no need use ur eye see oso can feel the "qi" from my mind to tell u that "FUCK OFF!I DUN LIKE U!" bt so far...nt much ppl yet.make me till that angry.

valentine coming soon.....m i alone?or m i single? tak tau my heart is owned! who? of coz HER lah....duh !!!!!!


ねこ said...

say me til like this meh ~~~

soli loh..make so so so so big angry .........>_<

d Kevin b said...

har???got meh...i didnt mention anything bout u wor...i mean which part u think i m talking abd about u?



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MR Kevin Tai

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