Tuesday, February 24, 2009


from last friday were inform it's gona b a very bz day 2day,so edy prepare all my energy for it,once arrive office den keep on working non-stop.untill my bro inform me that our dog were crash by an unknow fucker n juz drive away after that.were in quite a sad mood after that.

"fuck you too" is your 1st sentence of message sending me.i was in quite a bad mood n u kick off our conversation wih that way,sry! i cant take it!n u ask me to walk away if i kenot take it.nth less,u keep continue wih ur plan n make me pissed off n finally u ended our relationship juz like that.a hard FULLSTOP juz knock my head wih no reason.u told me,i will nv know wat n y causes all these,i believe,as long as if i walk out from urlife will make u fee better,i would happy to do so.

U should take the responsible wih wat had u done & say.u wont tell y,i wont ask y.bcoz that's u & me.It's how u behave, n how i react.

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MR Kevin Tai

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