Thursday, February 19, 2009

we both bz

i know we both had been bz wih own stuff recently....i spend time wih my friends,gym n som stress release stuff such as movies n little chit chat wih friends,u were bz rushing ur freelance work,ur school work n ur part time job there.we seldom got time talk to each other.wenever i call u,i hope u would b soften ur voice,sweeten ur i guess still u r u.never expect much more than that.

i understand u r not girly type of somtime,somhow n somway,i juz still need more rooms to put in ur "close friend type" of treatment.i started to learn...slowly.

juz watched benjamin button wih carmein,was a great movie.really!i love the part wen they meet again after 30 years.n they do things that they like in the way the love.they bought a new home,decorate themself slowly,add in more furniture wen they feel like it,put bed in living hall,dinner,playtime,talktime,sex,watch tv..all on the bed.i actually kinda envy the way the had in d still bak to realife,i dun even hav a partner like dat.i mean everything start of wih a great partner,n work hard together, n do it together.

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