Monday, February 9, 2009

tiring saturday - paintball game

blardy hell,saturday still hav to wake up at 8am n get prepare to hav fun at wargame in sg.buloh .arrive there around 10++ wait for others to set up and get our armor n weapon.let's get started!seriously..if u r 1st timer,u would really afraid wen u heard the sound they r doing test shooting juz beside the command center.

house marker which is the rental weapon,it shoot like duff..,duff...,duff..,duff....!those who modified..they shoot like duf,duf,duf,duf,duf,duf,duf,duf,duf,duf,duf,duf,duf,duf,duf,duf, imagine how u wont b hit if they r aiming we didnt know that until the 1st game started.basiclly u juz hide n shoot.pretty far u can shoot actually.1st game..hide bhide the tree...n shoot.out from no where OUCH!!!!FUCK!!! THAT'S HURT!i been shot right on my knee.i m out.that's pain!

we keep continue play wih those pro for 3 games.the last game was fun..coz it's defender game.summore the commander sended me to dead.he sended to stay at the 1st hide place where i should actually stay quite n sneak after those enemy knew i m there is like fucking 10-20 fellors n shooting at me.even i took my gun up( mean surrender ) they still shoot at my gun.i hav to stick myself to the ground to minimise the chances to get shot..meanwhile call those incharge to take me out.this time i gotten headshot!shoulder n leg! serious pain!

game is on until omost 4.30 n we really hav to call it a day...coz we all really tired like shit.

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smiley said...

Wah..branded3 warrior.... hehehe

d Kevin b said...

yeah...too bad...u wasnt there...if not sure lagi fun!



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