Monday, February 16, 2009

Family day

2day r my youngest brother we did nth till dinner time.we went outto port klang had the super nice balitong !!!!! ( too bad i didnt snap photos! ) n not forget the nice indo fried mee n the ultimete thai friend for sure the balitong still d best in town...i must admit that.i eat till i tummy r lips oso bcome double hotdog......i still cant stop eating it!!!damn nice man!bt i was bday cake for my bro meh....out of sis called n asked did any of us bought cake edy.....sure ask her buy lah!!!

den head home after that...had a quick "nami" game wih sis+her bf + dad.was fun!!!! n den...start makan cake session loh....the fruit cake...still that still cant beat the 1 desmond ( my coliq ) bought for our UK coliq wen he hav to get thru his bf in msia...that,still d time we go there ya.( eventhor i dunno the exact location yet... :P )

continue palying "nami" after that...wah...was so fun to paly game like can actually help me to get closer to my family....especially my dad.let's hav more games in future!


Anonymous said...

Help me said happy bday to ur brother oh~~~, and pls eat more la~~~ then fast fast lo. hehe

d Kevin b said...

who r u?if i dun noe u,how i tell my bro...who said happy bday to him??



MR Kevin Tai

MR Kevin Tai

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