Sunday, September 21, 2008

sunway photo shooting day.

Lovely coffee

A cute posed by a kid.XD

Wat is this fellor doing?

Thank to stephen telling me the technique.

Let us float in de air!

Yum yum...dun look at this if u r in puasa time thor.

Night view of sunway pyramid.
next time going bak..must do panorama of this view..i love it.

4pm--- Sitting down @ starbuck. after a omost whole month of suffering from relationship and work matter,i decided to treat myself a Caramel Frappuccino~...ah~...comfortable...bak to my own world enjoying the coffee and online without worry the same time..waiting for stephen and zul oso lah.

5pm--- Meeting zul at old concord and snap alittle bit of fashion show photos.

6pm--- After meeting stephen,we went out to look around sunway area so that later can find a correct spot for photo shooting wen sunset.we actually went to sunway resort and take few shot from there.and we accidently found out,there is this couple having wedding dinner inside the sunway resort.both of them juz walk in and snap! snap! snap!.

7pm--- Omost time for zul to buka the funny things is..he buka puasa wih somting else..instead of water and food.after walk all the way to pyramid,kfc,mcd,mr teppanyaki,basiclly everywhere is damn full!.so we decided to go for kfc outside end up?mamak near the stephen wan kfc jugak!

8pm--- Finishing dinner and continue shooting pyramid at night wih lots of light and cars.

9pm--- exthausted wen arrive home..after read abit of magazine and msn on my bed wih my mobile,fall into sleep till till morning 11am.(lolz.....quite somtime nv sleep this late edy.)


engeng said...

the photo is damn nice!!!makes me wow~~ur technique~~'beh pai' ma...haha

d Kevin b said...

lolz...tq tq for praising eh..not that good lah..still alot more to improve..



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MR Kevin Tai

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