Monday, September 1, 2008

潘伟伯 msia tour -- klang parade

well.....while waiting let's mcd coke time
lonely and chill mood
happy and warmful mood
ahha! i got u korek emas!
myfm Dj(dun remember wat name jor!)
myfm Dj--2
myfm Dj--3
潘帅+myfm Dj

orange color shirt--fans club
the gals wear cap...came all the way from HK---(that wat she said)

signature session
signature smile

31/08/08 潘帅 arrive klang parade.board were writing 2pm start.keep waiting till 2.30 havent show up.(msia attitude or really jam?) bt anyway,wen he arrive...i think u can even heard the scream from fans even u at the far end entrance.i notice that,his smile is kinda sunny and he can act cool quite well.i was there wasn't bcoz i m fans of him,juz go there practise my photo shooting skill and fix them.

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