Thursday, September 18, 2008


monday--- went to gym and cant really perform well.were hungry in middle of the feeling good after drink few 100+.

tuesday--were working till late..cant even make it for kent class (my favorite class-- BODY JAM!!!)cant even attend steamboat dinner wih my ex still manage for a movie.(i skip dinner make it for the movie.)

wednesday --holiday !!! doing nth bt went out lunch and meet jessica alba.(woohoo..she is HOT~~)

thursday -- none of my favorite class.used to like line dance that stupid bernard..teach damn fast...summore like hav to memorise 30++ moves in 1 songs..i was like.duh...!!!HATE U...

well....for the rest of the week..i guess hav to work harder,since i been skipping 3 days for gym.(felt really bad!)friday class sure cant miss it,sat if nth to do...will try FF at klang.sunday...herm..might juz stay home and clean my room perhaps?

i used to b a bz pak tuo!!! lolz....guess,it juz not my year!this 4 month time..i lost 2 friend.1 best friend!still can feel the pain now,bt like everyone else said..times heal!somtimes were wonder...not everyone are like them, y locking urself and not try someone else?my current status,i guess..wont able to attract any gals.(thats wat i felt.)

bt i m SINGLE and plz....if u r single and available out there...let me noe as well...XD

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