Thursday, September 4, 2008

Developement this few weeks

This few weeks were either bz on work or else must be sick.average in a week time,gym bout 2-3 days and somtimes not even 2 hours.since she ended wih a "alright!",it actually motivated myself to go on wih my own plane.go gym after work,weekend go out take photos,share it wih my friends in my blog,explore more stuff.i would really wan to thanx her by saying to her face to face bt,i decided not to.
Like wat she said,2 diffrent kind of ppl is almost imposible to stay,let time flush all the feeling away and generate ........

Oh ya,friend said,wen building muscle should put on weight bt,i lost weight and lost fats! bt,still can see result on my arm.(of coz onli wen i put on power on my arm ler!).anyone any idea bout it?

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