Wednesday, July 16, 2008

pieces of heart

so's already the 2nd week since i seperated wih her.we get along in a month time and last for a month.until now i oso not that sure how could she change that fast.

everytime drive bak home at late night after gym,will still able to see her sitting in my car and holding my the next second,i m holding an air wih my tears falling it telling me i put too much love into her?bt since her decision is maked, n i did tried to save bak, useless! end up my heart broke into small pieces is hard to collect all them bak.

i may look happy all the time,bt wen sadness crush on me..BANG!!! i will like a glass drop on floor,broke into small pieces.will never recover in short i start realise, gemini part in my life is getting lesser n lesser. friends r here wen fun is there. bt wen i need som1 to talk,open up my msn list, damn.....i cant even find a person to talk wih. tot my mobile list might save me, same thing happend.

till now, somtimes i still wish she is juz kidding wih me, call me n said april fool!!!! bt this aint april...everytime i look at her msn sign in, hopefully,will still see, "dear" this word appear in my chat its all gone. mayb i does not suit her, bt hopefully she maked a right choice this time.

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Kelv said...

I feel you man... Sorry to hear that.



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