Tuesday, November 11, 2008


MORNING - start spinning
my mobile alarm rang this morning and u turn my head around to offi it.as soon as i turn around.i feel like my room is spinning.i start wonder wat happend.bt i didnt really care bout it.get myself dress up and go bak to office.
bt things wasn't the same! i were so tired and wenever i closed my eye,i can feel the spinning again.i went to bath room and hav alook of myseld.MY GOSH!! my eyes r red and i looks like were raped by som1 10 times kao kao ( this 1 added by my dai ko..desmond lam. )i wasn't able to stay any longer in office and i told them i ahv to take MC and go home.

AFTERNOON - everything slow
while i was drinving bak home,those cars around me was like so slow.super slow.i wonder y.seen doc and he said probably power of my eyes r increase and those r the root of this sickness.bt to b honest...i wasn't really believe it.bt anyway..since he said so..i will go check 1st.

doc gave me 2 days MC which is include today n 2morow,he asked me to rest more,sleep more!he added.there is a posibble i m over tired to causes the headache n dizzynes.

i were sleep from 2pm till 6pm!omost 4 hours there i were laying on bed.still i dun feel anybetter after waking up.so i continue resting till 2morow.

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