Thursday, November 13, 2008

Alien day

from knocking head to car door till forget to backup files till dun feel ling going to gym....wat the FUCK wih me 2day?it seem like i m so the alien i decided to join kester n hatim for a round of W3.i feel guilty after doing so.coz didnt go gym or go bak teman my day was recover after making a expensive 17 minutes call.

to me, her voice recover my wound,her laugh can heal my moody n her caring would make me feel love is still there.strange things is.wenever i were moody and were blame here n there,i always receive a sms or a call or a msn msg from her,n that would brighten my day.

ok..i noe if U r reading this..u will b like...=.= or eeeeee or this baka keven a, or anything lah,u would wan to tell me u successfull designer teory again.lolz...anyway....still miss u here.

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MR Kevin Tai

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