Tuesday, November 25, 2008


congratulation to SM that she able to finish her whole body combat 2day.keep it up,n u will return to u leng lui shape edy.of coz now oso leng lui,bt slim alittle bit more would b alot more leng lui....so u choose lak..wan leng lui or alot more leng lui ler...again good job!
and she found the secret that keep me going to GYM aswell..lolz.....


m u n said...

SM is me...I am SM...n i finish the 1 hr class (err so call non stop class). was surprised i can finish that too looking at stopped gym for quite a while...hehe good companion n instructor matters...u will see me in the class..;)

d Kevin b said...

great job!u still survive after the NON STOP class summore.GENG!



MR Kevin Tai

MR Kevin Tai

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