Sunday, November 16, 2008


i used to heard ppl said..."come lah,we DOTA." DOTA seem like a famous computer wargame for alot youngster.few weeks bak i tried to play this warcraft game wih my colleague,and it's kinda poison me for omost few days.the attraction,u will nv know how u gona play wih it and u r dealing wih others realife player(which is my colleagues).bt after somtime, i realise i actually wasted alot times in it,each game took me around 2 hours ++.which i juz sit there and move my fingers.
now think bak,if i were used those times instead of palying game,i went to gym,i think my 6 pack would see result faster!!!so decided jor....dun wan try all these game ler......easily poison by it


Kelv said...

I still go gym, dota and work as usual. And I finish dota in less than an hour time. This game is poisoning, but I only play this game just to exercise my finger and mind. So, when is the next time wanna dota with me? Dang.. didn't even see you in gym last week.

d Kevin b said...

yo man...were damn bz last week.n recover from sick oso.this week i m bak!see u soon in gym man!



MR Kevin Tai

MR Kevin Tai

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