Saturday, November 29, 2008


i wonder.i edy put on weight or juz muscle r growing so that my weight increase?i had been told that muscle is heavier than fats.since 2 weeks ago,i had onli been visit gym for 2-3 times a week and i still join food gathering among my friends.weight increase from 67.1 till 68.8!! omost 2 kgs there.

next week gona get 100% protein whey to try the effect.been searching around n survey around.manage to found quite cheap wih 5 can last for 2 month++.hopefully wen january come....arms& chest muscle r bit more visible interm of shape.and will look smarter than b4.wakaka


engeng said...

arrrrrrrrr....y this year the chinese new year falls so early in the year??if not i wil have more time to work out ar!!!!!!!!!!damn tired attending the gym 7 days a week plus working!!!it's killing me!!!haha...woi!!!add oil ar!!!2 of us must let others shock when they see us!!!muahahahahahaha

d Kevin b said...

LOLZ...sure sure...i m building up som muscle now.hopefully will get result in a month time.wah!! 7 days a week?siao a?later over tired ler u.



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MR Kevin Tai

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