Friday, March 6, 2009


for quite somtime i didnt see her appear in gym.i think more than 3 weeks.i promise myself to work harder,so i leave out the fun friday night wih kelv n chak they all n get myself train n burn fats in fitness first the i walk up to stairs n i saw a familiar human shape that i been waited for long time!OMG!!!! that's her.i was surprice to see her appear at fitness first on friday night.i told myself "go!damn it!talk to her!"bt still, she is surrounded by her friends again.n again...missed my chance.

i kinda miss how she smile wen she were doing those punching,n how sweet her face r.not to say i falling in love wih her,bt i can feel more energy wen i see her smile.i even feel happy.lolz...

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