Monday, March 9, 2009

sampatz outing again - on behalf jeannie bday celebration

Agefuku Japanese Restaurant
early in d morning were doing work till omost 10.15am den get myself ready n heading to taipan jap rest called Agefuku n meet up rachelle jie jie n jeannie jie jie.enviroment r quite nice, is juz i dun like those main dishes mainly r too cold !!! probably the air cond r cold or they cant keep the food warm.kinda dissapointed thor.can tell those food r cold jor loh!

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Pyramid hunting for sales item
saw a tie in topshop that i love very much....n after 20 discount around rm after i decided to take it....sales girl told me...onli wen i pick up 2 item,den i can enjoy the 20 % off! wat the fuck....the 2nd item...r damn fucking small! nt happy..den we keep on search for others items n my tie aswell.bcoz of time limitation....cant stay long in station....RT cake house in subang

Cake & coffee house
jeannie got her self 1 of each cake from RT cake house n cake sense...LOLZ....2 cake shop side by side.after getting cake den settle ourself down in ss15 startbuck.hav to squeeze ourself in a small tiny place....bcoz alot student were there doing assignment.too bad....didnt realise stay we seprated around 6.30.

Love matter & super ex vientname food
i quickly go bak home send my file to friend n heading to bukit tinggi jusco for movie gathering wih my sis,her bf n bro.we went a vietname restaurant had our dinner...damn fucking expensive!!!!! 1 small portion duck,1 small portion fish,1 super small portion soup,4 rice + 4 drinks....cost us rm 84!!! wat the fuck..i swear to god...i will nv go there again!summore the food r nt the freaky nice oso.nvm....wont return thor.
Love matter was it's all about love n sex.still it's showed how msia n sg sex n love culture had been going in older age n young kiddo recently.those havent watch n over 18 lioa 1....should go for it

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lolz...more sampatz outing....



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