Saturday, March 21, 2009

another getting slim plan

recently been bz wih work n work n more worksss!!! + after my class time had passed,i m abit lazy want driving all the way to fitness center.( fuck the lazyness! ).weight had been keep on increasing since CNY until now.i gain omost 3-4 kgs.i had replan all my gym my main concerne are to losing fat%.will try to push till 17 or 18% in 2 month time.thats mean lotsss...n lots....n lots...of cardio hav to b performe!as my plan...until june.....lets realise it!

oh ya...not forget to mention, NO MORE RICE, LESS meats, MORE vege, MORE fruit. n hell yeah! MORE PROTEIN!....lolz...


Kelv said...

Suggest you take brown rice for carb and lean meat for protein.

d Kevin b said...

yo....i dun like brown rice no choice bt take it from from my diet list..LOLZ...



MR Kevin Tai

MR Kevin Tai

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