Friday, January 30, 2009

too old? too young?

i was given ang pao by my pimary school friend this evening.
she asked me "where is ur gf?wen wan to get married?"
"fast loh..wait i get dao gf sin,wait u intro kampung gal to me mah.....kampung gal...nice~"
bt the fact is....GF? i really need 1 now?even thor i hav, will it effected my life much?i dunno.mayb YES! mayb NO!
i m 25 this year.i dun even had a stable that a shame?friends r married, pak tuo, yet.. i m goyang here n there?i m picky?OF COZ NO!
bt of coz.....hopefully by end of this year...i hope i m really had a gf wih me....n intro it.public it.
she might b nt here yet,bt i belive coming soon...real soon....


iamKinoko said...

u will have de..god bless u

d Kevin b said...

thanx bout u?any luck in UK?got bf edy?



MR Kevin Tai

MR Kevin Tai

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