Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Aanother tiring week.alot things happend in this few weeks.somtimes i cant even main ...still the gym stuff.haiz....i think i didnt train hard still remain as 1 pack...eventhor like chest,arms,legs those muscle can feel tummy....DAMN SHIT!.fats is covering every damn thing.

And....after slimming body bcome so weak...sick is 1 thing...the skin is another 1.i had sooooooooo much space in btween muscle and skin...i like hav to train 2x or 4x harder than others in order to see a obvious still will go for the "summer aim".

Motivation getting lesser n lesser....survivor oso lesser n lesser...i dun wan to b the 1 left bhinde...wih big tummy...i wanna share the joy n proud of body shape!!! i wan show to those called me "fei zhai" now impress!!!! argh!!!!!!!...

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