Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fast penang trip- part 1

klang famous bahkutteh!

tom yam soup in "little genting" damn nice!!

OMG!!! i tell u the petai still mom cook geh better

the famous fried kangkung!

random shot after the rain.

took friday leave and depart to penang on thursday morning.we had bak kut teh b4 leaving to penang.after around 4-5 hours.finally arrive!!n we heading to where penang ppl called "little genting" for dinner.the thai food was nice! special stuff to me.the actually fried the kangkung...i was like har?????bt it is really taste good! must try.n my all time favorite! PETAI!!!!!!!cheers for petai...omost me n my dad finish it all...wakakaka.

heading to cousin house after dinner and she brough us our for supper (OMG...makan lagi....)i had asam laksa,char kuew teow,orang juice,friend chicken skin,ABC,the bakar sotong,n lots n lots more...---to be continue day 2

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