Saturday, January 31, 2009


from few years bak,we manage to gather more than 15-20 fellor in our class.wen every1 grew up,lesser n lesser ppl we able to meet up wih even CNY.not to mention those stoner summore.i guess that real life.

For the pass few days i went bak to my hometown which at terrenganu,a small chinese village where located inside a huge malay kampung.were really expected able to meet up wih my old friends....quite disapointed me!even my 5 finger able to count those friends i met up wih.som turn to be had problems wih each other,som were bz wih new partner,som bz staying wih family,som stay comfortable wih their small group.som dunno where.LOLZ

is that wat we called CNY gathering?i believe in future CNY is juz a celebration to simple as possible.mayb juz wake up in d morning,give ang pao....drink tea...den thats it.

i really hope atleast in future we still able to maintain som traditional stuff like visiting,gathering & caring.

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