Saturday, April 4, 2009

Such stupid

i cant believe that i did such stupid things....OMG....i really wont forgive myself to do so...n i feel so sry to will respond to wat i did....even those it will effect ur future trust me....i will do wat i can to save it....and den we will b happily every after.....

action- had KFC fried chicken.2 pieces summore!!!!!
cons - of coz will FAT LIKE FUCK LAH
action- go gym often...n had sex i dun have partner to perform it ler...( kidding
onli,dun take it serious! )


Kelv said...

WTF? You F too much recently? No wonder didn't go gym.

Radius said...

I think you are becoming a psycho by not having sex la. You need to get serviced. Try chow kit, jalan haji taib... :D :D :D

d Kevin b said...

LOLZ,aisk....age like me,omost there edy no gf...wat to do!wah...hatim..wan try those meh!!!!so the....i rather get a proper gf ler..sue ann ada sister?LOLZ



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