Friday, April 17, 2009

new feeling

i dunno how to tell u all these...i started to care about u....worried about u....even think about u's thats the real me i guess.i really dun wan to making any worst decision in's hard bt i will try.try to keep u smile.....
som1 ask me so.....

"wat makes u like the girl?"
- her cute face perhaps?
"wat if u realise she doesnt suit u after u know her more?"
- that 1...i not sure wor, i dunno her so much yet
"wat if she is not the serious type?"
- i guess every1 would b serious if the relationship get well all the way.

i dunno how to explain all these juz like missing another friend...or it's sort of like "loving" kind a feel?cant really tell anymore.dun even dare to explore so much after 2 incident happend in arow.

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