Sunday, December 23, 2007

Strange feeling

my strange feeling start from a keep seems not so normal coz it keep paying attention to her.den i was trying to get her msn n number.(u noe wat i think lah.)a day after work, me n her was gather 2gether at a shopping is surpose for movie prupose de, but my heart keep "vibrate" wen having dinner b4 the movie.since that day, i noe wat i wan n i noe how i feel to, the next thing i did is ask her to go out! finally i had this chance to go out wih her..shit tambah 1 extra ppl wat cna i do...find a way thanx god oso lah...she wan go off early..den i hav time to continue yam cha wih her.finally..somting happend (do not wan to tell u wat happend!)XD

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