Tuesday, December 25, 2007

a special xmass

xmass eve went out to poopy garden bar hav a drink and friends drunk.wakaka he actually sleep on street and i hav to wait him on street over a hour.arrive home around 5am.sleep straight.b4 going bak home sended her a msg,asked if it posibble to proceed our relationship,she nv reply and my heart is worry and nervous.
next morning, i was waked up by her message ringtone,i knew is her msg me.again, heart is shaking and nervous,bcoz wanted to know the answer.as i expected,i fail.heart start melting,cant listend anything that said by others.soul lost,the onli thing left is a empty body.after lunch, went bak home staright and while driving, her msg keep playing in my mind.
after arrive home,i also do not know y,suddenly i feel so tired,feel like need to nap after all her msg was around my head,so tired.hope lifes will get better after next year, is quite bad this year..alot things happends.

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