Thursday, December 27, 2007

a night that wash my face wih tears

this is the 2nd time i cry after broke up wih my ex.tears juz come out from no where n washes my face wih the sadly i lay down and keep relaxing my mind, kev a n kev b was fighting.
kev a of it said "y stupid cry for girls and she's not even ur gf"

kev b fight back"hey brother,it not like onli can cry for gf,had u ever imagine how hard he is go gone thru this time?"

kev a reply...."well that is bcoz he is so stupid,who the hell ask him go to used his heart, juz play play n continue his life that would be better"

kev b "arh....u devil....that will nv noe...human used his heart when he is really like or love som1."

me: shut up u both! not need to make decition for me!she edy maked hers,so no more arguement can be make anymore...she say BIG NO NO to me.

kev a "so sad....arg....poor worry there is plenty more girl....scare wat."

kev b "kev, no worry she will understand u 1 a good experience for u oso....well...u still lag of this experiences....u will able to find ur fate."

"tq u both,bt in the mean while...plz do not comment anything,juz let me be me!i wish her to see the real me...not any1 of u...."

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