Saturday, July 21, 2007

plz take everything that is belong to u!!!

2day abit moody...feel like alot stuff have to get it done bt progress now still 0%!!few day ago,ppl was tell me hey , u r 23 now still study n where is ur future? ya ho! where is my future??m i going to explore out there or i will guai guai stay in my dad company n get peace for the rest of my life??to be honest i dont really wan a peace life.i prefer explore n when i get hurt i get up my self althougt i m a person that like to cry alot.clean house suddenly a very familiar smell passing my nose..n my tears was the smell of her.i m actually packing her stuff to let her take it bak when she come bak .i m moving bak to home soon.every single memories that leave in this house, i still "see" the shadow of her was her .making coffee for me,cleaning my bed for me b4 i sleep,sitting bside me ....hugging me,cook,take nap,smile infront me,every single sweet moment...till i shouting at her,mouth war,she keep quite,playing her great online games, chatting with other guys, everything still in my mind.

now is the time i 4get her.pack up her stuff and keep in the bag.even the memories i should put in the bag. let her take "everything " that is belong to her.alot things hav to keep magazine,books.too much!!is my future bright?peace?save? or fun? excited? too much things hav to be done.seeing my mom every single day get older and her wringles is more n more.i cry in my! wait for me..1 day..1 day u will get wat u expect.althought i been disapointed u at my early i wont...u will hav my promise...for u mom n dad! thanx for ur support me for 23 is my paybak time...i should take care u 2.

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